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Curriculum vitae:

Born in Brussels, Bert De Keyser studied at the local Saint-Lukas Institute, where he became a teacher in spatial composition. Bert De Keyser's projects and works are both two and three dimensional and his creative interests are wide: drawings, compositions and architectural design. As of 1982, his focus shifted mainly to landscape projects in cities and on rural sites. This last decennium Bert focuses on his project "In Continuo" and made thousands of live drawings of musicians, dancers and actors. These drawings highlight the "Fingerspitzengefühl" as well as the "Berührung" between musicians and their instruments, the gracefulness or expressions of dancers and actors. The live made and tasteful chalk and ink-drawings interpret and narrate "moments". Many well-known artists have been captured by Bert these past ten years. First, he started his project in Brussels, residing in the Brussels Conservatory, but he was also invited to operate in the Bozar, at Flagey, and many moreā€¦ Next, Bert visited many other cities and venues and got as far as Norway to capture performers. His first comprehensive "In Continuo" exhibition was organized in Mons, in 2015.  

Artist in Residence and large city- and landscape projects






Owners of Bert De Keyser's works of arts:


Works of art in public spaces (listed as of 1985):


Graphic assignments:

  • KBC: lithographs (twice)
  • De Meuter: lithographs (twice)
  • Cabinet Vic Anciaux: lithograph
  • Flemish Physicians Association of Brussels: lithograph
  • RHOK Academy Etterbeek: lithograph
  • Brussels Bach Choir: poster
  • Il Fondamento: CD Albinoni
  • K.U.L. Law Faculty
  • Luc Momaerts: Poetry collection
  • Christine Vercammen: doctorate Leiden University "The unborn child"

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