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Curriculum vitae
Born in Brussels, Bert De Keyser studied at the local Sint Lukas Institute, where he became a teacher in spatial composition. His creative interests are wide: drawings, compositions and architectural design. As from 1982, his focus shifted mainly to landscape projects in cities and on rural sites.

Personal Exhibitions in: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, France, the U.S. and Norway.

Participated in group exhibitions in: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the U.S. and Japan.

Bert De Keyser achieved landscape projects in Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Barcelona etc. Highlights were the "Rembrandt-Mondrian Project" (Amsterdam, 1996) and "On the road with Bruegel" (Brussels, 2004). He does not confront the artists as such, but rather emphasizes their significance.
These old and new masters were very progressive for their time, thus gaining an everlasting impact up to the present time.

Drawings, graphic art and paintings De Keyser achieves absolute simplicity in his red chalk nudes. For him, drawing is the art to create significance using lines and signs that are extremely limited. Women's bodies are like his native region, the slanted landscape of Brabant. The lines tracing the real forms reveal more about what is not shown, not drawn. "The less signs there are, the more significance they have, the greater is the drawing art." The same applies for his monumental works. Both in monumental installations and in city drawings, the contrast between city and landscape and between historic heritage and new constructions constitute the eternal leitmotiv. For over 6 years, De Keyser draws performing artists, mainly music performers but also dancers, actors and performing writers,... The drawings represent more than 500 classical and contemporary 500 musicians, ensembles and orchestras, featuring many famous artists.