List of Projects English - Nederlands - Français
Bert De Keyser realised different city- and landscape projects, in Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Barcelona etc. Highlights were the "Rembrandt-Mondrian Project" (Amsterdam, 1996) and "On the road with Bruegel" (Brussels, 2004). He does not confront the artists as such, but rather underlines their significance.
These old and new masters were very progressive for their time, thus gaining an everlasting impact up to the present time.

1985 "Focus on Brussels"
1985 Brussels: "Esplanade focus" (in planning)
1986 Amsterdam: "Oog voor Amsterdam": Damplein
1987 Amsterdam Cultural Capital of Europe: Muziektheater – Theater Carré - Blauwbrug
1987/88 Brussels: Parliament: large triptych "3 x Brussels"
1989 Brussels: Laser project Pentagon Brussels
1989 Amsterdam: Sint-Pieterssteeg (in planning)
1990 Lummen (Belgium): "Motorway and Country"
1990 Brussels: RAC building - "Mirror Wall" (in planning)
1990 Brussels: "A Fountain for the King": first price
1992 Sint-Genesius-Rode (Belgium): "Brabant in Landscape"
1992 Focus on Bratislava together with 3 exhibitions in Bratislava, Budapest & Vienna
1993 Brussels: "Homage to Hokusaï" (stainless steel)
1993 Haren (Brussels): project "Kijkatelier"
1993 Antwerp: Cultural Capital: 5 projects "Light, Air & Water"
1993 Vienna: "Focus on Vienna"
1994 Hillegom: 400 years of tulips in the Netherlands
1994 Brussels: "A fountain for Europe"
1996 Amsterdam: "Rembrandt-Mondriaan" project
1996 Solingen (Germany): "Opening of the Baden Museum"
1997 Stockholm: "Focus on Stockholm"
1998 Genk (Belgium): "Focus on Genk"
2000 Brussels, Conservatorium: exhibition "Brussel, ontschminkt, ontstemd en in dissonanten"
2000 Brussels, Conservatorium: exhibition & panel in collaboration with "Het Groot Beschrijf"
2000 Brussels: Royal Library: "N-S Axis - Focus on Brussels"
2001 Barcelona: "N-S Axis Focus on Brussels" & Symposium
2003 Museum Sint-Niklaas : "Meesterlijke Grafiek" – Rembrandt – De Keyser
2004 Brussels : "Road of Bruegel" : large tridimensional project
2006 The Netherlands Middenbeemster Galerie "De Groene Poort" "Rembrandt revisted", in occasion of 4th century of his birth.
Numerous articles have been published in newspapers and magazines and he has been sollicitated for different interviews and programs on radio and television.