Personal Exhibitions English - Nederlands - Français
In Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and France.

1982 April Aalst, Belfry
1982 April Brussels, Fnac auditorium
1982 May Amsterdam, De Brakke Grond
1983 February Cologne, Belgian House
1985 September Brussels, Congress Palace
1985 November Amsterdam, Frame Project, the Dam
1987 July Amsterdam, Frame Project Carré Theatre
1990 December Leuven, Brabant Province Museum - Van Humbeeck-Piron
1991 January Amsterdam, M.A.T. Gallery
1991 August Düsseldorf
1991 August Brussels, City Hall
1992 June Gent, M.G. 10 Gallery
1993 July Haarlem, Gallery Art Images (along with Bram Vermeulen)
1993 April - December
Antwerp, several exhibitions under Antwerp Cultural Capital (Francis Van Hoof Gallery)
1993 September Brussels, A.B.C. Gallery
1995 January – July
Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum
1995 September Amsterdam, Rembrandt Tower
1995 August - December
Amsterdam, Reinwardt Gallery
Series of 12 exhibitions entitled "Door het Oog van De Keyser" (Thrue De Keyser’s Eye)
1995 December - January 1996 exhibitions in :
Dilbeek, (La Motte Castle);
Amsterdam, (Rembrandt House Museum);
Ostend, (Robert & Partners Gallery);
Brussels, (De Markten);
Amsterdam, (Maison Descartes);
Leerdam, (O.K.K. Gallery);
Antwerp, (Company Centre);
Antwerp, (Hilton);
Haarlem, (Art Images Gallery);
Brussels, (A.B.C. Gallery);
Solingen, (Wuppertal); Museum Baden;
Phoenix, (Arizona, USA) : Abel White Gallery.
1997 April - May
Brussels, Boudewijn Complex
2000 January – April
Brussels, Royal Conservatory
2000 October - November
Brussels, Royal Library of Belgium
2001 November - December
Barcelona, Project N-A Axis-Focus on Brussels
2003 July - August
Museum Sint-Niklaas, "Masterly graphics" Rembrandt-Jacob Smits-Bert de Keyser
2004 May – September
Brussels, "On the road with Bruegel", great three-dimensional project
2005 September - November
Brussels, Gallery
2006 May – September
Midden Beemster, De Groene Poort Gallery Tribute to Rembrandt (1606-2006)
2006 September – October
Cissac-Pauillac (Bordeaux), Château Bertrand Braneyre - Tribute to Rembrandt (1606-2006)
2007 May - June
Cissac-Pauillac (Bordeaux), Château Bertrand Braneyre - Tribute to Rembrandt (1606-2006)
2007 February - August
Brussels, Hof ter Musschen
2007 Februari-March
Casablanca, Gallery "au 9"

Bert De Keyser has participated to a lot of group exhibitions in Belgium, Netherland, Germany, USA and Japan.